Yale Platinum TS007 3 Star Profile Cylinder

Profile cylinders that provide the peace of mind brought about by TS007 3 star accreditation.

VBH are proud to supply Yale’s Platinum 3-Star cylinder. An industry leading profile cylinder, it can be used on residential doors, bi-fold doors, lift/slide doors, sliding patio doors and slide & fold doors. Platinum has been tested to TS007 and achieves a full 3 star rating. The barrels are available in key/key double cylinder, half cylinder, thumb turn and keyed alike options, in nickel or brass finish. Each Platinum cylinder is supplied with 3 dimple cut keys with striking Yale branding on the black fob, and a key identification card to make buying additional keys not just easy, but secure.

Colour Options
chrome hardware
Bright Nickel
gold chrome hardware
  • TS007 3 star profile cylinder
  • Supplied with 3 attractive keys featuring the strong Yale brand
  • Brass or nickel finishes
  • Suits door locks with a Euro profile cylinder cut out on a variety of door styles
  • Use with greenteQ or Yale standard door handles on Q-secure doors
  • Qualifies for the Q-secure PREMIUM level warranty when all other components on the door are also rated PREMIUM
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Superb Cylinder Security

Combining extreme performance with the powerful and instantly recognisable yellow and black branding, Yale’s Platinum profile cylinder is tested and Kitemarked to TS007, with a 3 star accreditation. This means that the external side protects against snapping, bumping, drilling, screwing and picking, all without the need to add additional hardware such as a cylinder protector or upgrade to a security handle.

The sacrificial break section is designed to break off in the event of an attempt to snap and extract the cylinder, leaving the working components on the inside intact and in place. This leaves the door secure, whilst allowing exit from the building.

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You’ve arrived in the Trade area. The profile cylinder’s job is to lock off your multi-point door lock. New security standards, including Kitemark TS007, have greatly increased the security features. Platinum is Yale’s excellent 3 star solution. Don’t forget to register your Q-secure installation within 28 days.

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We sell thousands of profile cylinders every month. Yale Platinum is an integral part of our range. Because it is TS007 3 star rated, it can be used with a regular greenteQ Alpha or Yale Superior door handle set to provide maximum protection. Connect with Q-secure Approved door Manufacturers here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a door is fitted with Q-secure tested and approved hardware, we will cover you. If the door was broken into as a result of the hardware failing, we will pay up to £8000.

Q-secure offer a comprehensive door lock guarantee. If the home is broken into as a result of the lock failing, customers could be entitled to up to £8000. We work with multiple brands to offer one of the most unique, reliable warranties on the market.

You can guarantee the locks on bifold doors through our Q-secure warranty. Q-secure will cover a complete door if it uses Q-secure tested and approved hardware. This enables the user to guarantee their door if a break-in occurs as a result of a failing lock.

Door locks are an integral part of the Q-secure Consumer Hardware guarantee. If the door lock fails on a Q-secure installation you could receive up to £8000 from VBH