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greenteQ Alpha Inline Sliding Patio Door P-Handle

Long lasting handles from greenteQ in a variety of colours to match windows and residential doors.

The greenteQ range includes a wide selection of top quality patio door handles, including 2 choices of P-Handles for inline sliding patio doors. The first is the original Alpha P-Handle which is manufactured from heavyweight zinc. Our Alpha P-Handle is compatible with most locking systems including those from Roto and Yale. Alpha is available as a standard pair (pull, lever and profile cylinder hole), as a pair without cylinder hole or as a pull only pair. There is also a stand alone blank outer plate. The handing of the pull is easily reversible via a hex key, and the handle is available from VBH stock in 8 colours of the greenteQ Suite. This means that sliding doors, residential doors and windows on a single installation can all be perfectly matched in terms of colour and styling.

Colour Options
White hardware
satin black colour swatch
gold chrome hardware
PVD Gold
chrome hardware
Polished Chrome
Satin Chrome Hardware Prices
Satin Chrome
Smokey Chrome Hardware Prices
Smokey Chrome
Brushed Steel Hardware
Enduro Steel
Antique Black hardware Prices
Antique Black
  • Part of the greenteQ Suite of colour and style matched window, door and patio door furniture
  • Available in 3 variants
  • Handing can be quickly reversed in the factory
  • Covered by the comprehensive greenteQ 10 year mechanical and surface guarantee
  • Q-secure PREMIUM product when used as part of a greenteQ security spec hardware set
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Stylish Sliding Door Handles

Both the Alpha and Coastline patio door handles that we offer here at VBH are designed to look great, whichever option you choose. This ensures that greenteQ furniture enhances your door’s aesthetics, rather than hinders.

They also feel extremely comfortable in use so operating even large and heavy doors is always easy.

Manufacturers who would prefer an all-Yale hardware package can opt for the Yale Sparta handle in place of greenteQ. However, ALL components must be purchased from VBH to qualify for Q-secure.

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You’ve arrived in the Trade area. You need a sturdy, yet attractive handle to pull your patio door open and closed. That’s exactly what you get with greenteQ Alpha, in so many attractive colours. Register your new sliding door with VBH within 28 days to validate the guarantee.

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The greenteQ Alpha patio door handle is one of the most widely used in the UK. It looks great and feels comfortable. Added to that, it matches the other members of the greenteQ Suite of furniture, so styles and colours across patio doors, resi-doors and windows are constant, tying an installation together beautifully. Get connected to a Q-secure Approved Manufacturer here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a door is fitted with Q-secure tested and approved hardware, we will cover you. If the door was broken into as a result of the hardware failing, we will pay up to £8000.

Q-secure offer a comprehensive door lock guarantee. If the home is broken into as a result of the lock failing, customers could be entitled to up to £8000. We work with multiple brands to offer one of the most unique, reliable warranties on the market.

You can guarantee the locks on bifold doors through our Q-secure warranty. Q-secure will cover a complete door if it uses Q-secure tested and approved hardware. This enables the user to guarantee their door if a break-in occurs as a result of a failing lock.

Door locks are an integral part of the Q-secure Consumer Hardware guarantee. If the door lock fails on a Q-secure installation you could receive up to £8000 from VBH