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Q-secure covers windows, residential doors and ‘lifestyle’ patio doors, including bi-folds, lift/slide and inline sliding doors. We are so confident in the strength and performance of our tested hardware that we will pay homeowners if they are broken into via a Q-secure window or door installed by an approved installer if the intrusion is down to the failure of a hardware product covered by the guarantee. Terms and conditions apply. These can be obtained from your Q-secure installer

There are two levels of guarantee: Q-secure Standard and Q-secure PREMIUM. The level is determined by the hardware fitted.

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Up to £1750

Up to £1750 with Q-secure PREMIUM (up to £1000 with Q-secure Standard) towards the cost of employing an emergency locksmith, glazier or boarding up company to gain access or secure the property in the immediate aftermath of a break-in.

Up to £3000

Up to £3000 with Q-secure PREMIUM (up to £1500 with Q-secure Standard) towards the cost of repairing or replacing the door or window. The repair should be arranged through one of our approved installers.

Up to £2000

Up to £2000 with Q-secure PREMIUM (up to £1500 with Q-secure Standard) towards the homeowner’s insurance excess payment. We will pay the homeowner quickly after receiving the relevant paperwork.

A goodwill payment of up to £1250

A goodwill payment of £1250 to the homeowner with Q-secure PREMIUM (£1000 with Q-secure Standard) which we hope will go some way towards alleviating the distress caused by a break-in.

Q-secure is the flexible MULTI-BRAND guarantee that doesn’t tie you down to a single hardware manufacturer.

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This is the registration page for Q-secure windows and doors only. If you wish to register your new greenteQ Orion lock for its performance and security guarantees, and Key security Scheme, please visit the Orion Guarantee Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can register Q-secure windows, doors or lifestyle products using our Q-secure installation registration form. This will guarantee you for 10 years against a break-in that’s caused by hardware failure. If you prefer, you will find a registration sheet in the Q-secure booklet left by your installer, which can be removed and posted to VBH.

The Q-secure guarantee protects your windows, doors or lifestyle products when fitted by a Q-secure approved installer. This registration means you could be entitled to up to £8000 if there was a break-in as a result of a hardware failure.

With the Q-secure PREMIUM guarantee, you could receive up to £8000 if there is a break-in as a result of a hardware failure. With the STANDARD guarantee, you could get up to £5000. We can offer such high sums because we are so confident in our hardware products. All Q-secure hardware has been independently tested to the latest security standards by BSI and is included in our Hardware Kitemark (KM727991)

Q-secure is the flexible MULTI-BRAND guarantee. This means it doesn’t tie the window/door manufacturer down to a single hardware brand. There is a wide choice of brands including Yale, Roto and AGB.

Q-secure’s guarantee covers windows and a range of doors. The doors include residential and lifestyle such as bi-folds, lift and slide and inline sliding doors.

Much of the approved hardware is from our own top quality greenteQ range. However, we also cover selected hardware from top brands including Yale, AGB, Roto and Securistyle. This means we can offer our guarantee across a range of high performance hardware. This means manufacturers have more flexibility when it comes to specifying the hardware on your products.