Orion Cylinder Lock Registration

Your greenteQ Orion cylinder is covered by a 10 year performance warranty from the date of sale. The snap element is further protected by the proteQ10 10 year security guarantee with a built in Key Security Scheme.

proteQ10 is a combined Key Security scheme and 10 year Security Guarantee. When registering your Orion cylinder lock for proteQ10 you set a password which means that additional keys can only be cut when the password is given. By registering, you also qualify for the Security Guarantee. If a burglary occurs as a direct result of the Orion lock snapping, we will pay you £2000 subject to terms and conditions.

To register your performance warranty and for proteQ10, please submit the forms here.

The 10 year performance warranty is provided subject to the product being fitted and maintained in accordance with VBH guidelines and shall not be subject to stresses and operating forces beyond normal levels.

In the unlikely event of a product failing within the 10 year guarantee period as a result of defective manufacture or design, VBH (GB) Ltd will replace it free of charge or credit its original purchase value. The component must be returned to us or inspected by VBH on site to agree the cause of failure. The credit shall not exceed the original value of the part.

This guarantee does not apply to any mechanical or surface finish fault if it is caused by wilful or neglectful damage, general wear and tear or inappropriate chemical contact. It also does not apply to surface finishes if the product is installed within ½ mile of an area of particularly aggressive atmospheric conditions, such as coastal or heavy industrial regions.

Replacement and additional keys can be ordered from the following online outlet:

Please fill in and submit the form below to register your new lock for its 10 year performance warranty and 10 year proteQ10 Anti-Snap Guarantee, and to register your personal, unique password for Key Security.

Please note that your certificate will be emailed to you usually within 48 hours or 2 working days.


Thank you for your submission

Thank you for submitting your Orion Cylinder Lock registration. We will email your Warranty Certificate, which you should receive within 48 hours or 2 working days.

In the meantime, you can explore the other products we offer here. You can also give our office a call on 01634 263 300 with any queries on our guarantees.

All fields are mandatory.


- Ensure that you have the receipt/proof of purchase of the lock.
- Complete the registration form on-line or download and post to us.
- Receive the Orion Warranty Certificate via e-mail.
- Keep Warranty Certificate in a safe place and provide it when making a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can fill out our Orion lock registration form on our website. This will cover the cylinder for 10 years on a performance warranty.

We guarantee that your Orion lock will function for at least 10 years. When you register your lock it is also covered by our proteQ10 ‘snap’ guarantee and Key Security Scheme. This is a 10 year Security Guarantee that promises to pay you £2000 if a burglary occurs as a direct result of the Orion lock snapping (subject to terms and conditions). The Key Security aspect means that when you provide a password when registering your lock, additional keys can only be supplied if this password is given.

You can get replacement keys through the Orion cylinder scheme. When registering your Orion lock for proteQ10 you set a password which means that additional keys can only be cut when the password is given. Replacement or additional keys can be ordered from http://www.lockandkey.co.uk/.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem within the 10-year guarantee period, VBH will replace the cylinder free of charge, or credit you at the original purchase value.

If a break-in occurs as a result of the Orion cylinder snapping, we could pay you up to £2000, subject to subject to terms and conditions.

You must ensure you have proof of purchase of the lock. This is so we can ensure you are entitled. You must register your lock with VBH via www.qsecure.co.uk within 28 days of purchase.

Please complete the registration online at www.qsecure.co.uk. You will receive an Orion Warranty Certificate via email. All you need now is to keep the certificate in a safe place. You will need this if you make a claim.