Hardware for Windows

VBH is Europe’s largest supplier of window and door hardware and ancillaries. We supply our own greenteQ products, and those from a few other selected top quality hardware manufacturers, to window manufacturers for installation across the country.

We have put together packages of hardware that have been independently tested to the latest UK and European security standards. These packages form the basis of our 10 year Q-secure security guarantee. Our approved installers offer windows and doors manufactured by Q-secure certified manufacturers, using our tested hardware packages and the finest window profile materials available.

It’s this combination that gives us the confidence to offer you a 10 year security guarantee.

Secure Designs

Q-secure windows deliver exceptional levels of home security. All of the hardware approved for use on our windows has been independently tested to UK and European standards, including PAS24.


Our range of windows can be fitted with a selection of furniture styles in a huge range of colours. Choose the options which best suit your windows, whether you live in a modern traditional property.

Safe Operation

Our window hardware is designed to be easy to use. However we have built in some safety features to prevent windows being accidentally opened, such as handles have a push button that must be pushed in.

Easy to Fit

Our hardware is manufactured to be easy for our approved network of installers to work with. We provide adjustments to enable Q-secure installers to set your new windows up perfectly every time.

Low Maintenance

Only an occasional wipe and clean is required with our window locks, hinges and handles. They do not need excess upkeep in order to perform their best, as laid out in our Q-secure maintenance guarantee.

Weather Protection

Our window hardware is tested to and often beyond the relevant UK and European standards for corrosion resistance. Whatever the weather, our hardware will ensure that your new windows always operate smoothly.

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If you’ve already had windows with VBH hardware installed, you have 28 days to register your warranty, in order to validate your guarantee.

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