Terms & Conditions 27th July 2020

The following actions and stipulations constitute the terms and conditions of the Q-secure guarantee. Failure to meet any aspect will render a claim void.

Where two figures are quoted this refers to the amount payable under the two levels of Q-secure (i.e. Q-secure Standard/Q-secure PREMIUM).


The Claimant must obtain a Crime Case Reference Number from the police service and include this on the Q-secure claim form. No claim will be upheld without a Crime Case Reference Number.

VBH must receive a fully completed Q-secure claim form within 7 days of the break in.

VBH must receive all supporting documentation within one calendar month of the break in.

Upon receipt of the claim form a representative of VBH will attend site within 10 working days to assess whether or not the break in was achieved as a direct result of a hardware component failure and that the terms and conditions have been met. Any site visit will be carried out during normal working hours (0830 – 1700 Monday to Friday). Failure of the Claimant to grant access at the agreed time will render any claim void. The VBH representative will assess if the break in has been the result of the failure of a component covered by the Q-secure guarantee. He or she will check to see if the window or door has been repaired or otherwise modified from its original installed state. He or she will ascertain if the window or door has been properly maintained. VBH will report our findings to the Claimant within 7 working days of the visit.

The VBH representative’s decisions are final in all the above-mentioned respects and are non-negotiable. Correspondence will not be entered into.

Security Payment 

In the event of a break in the Claimant should immediately take steps to render the property secure. If a professional locksmith, glazier or boarding up company is used and VBH agree that break in was achieved due to the failure of a covered component, VBH will pay up to £1000/£1750 towards the cost, upon presentation of an original official written receipt and Q-secure claim form.

Goodwill Payment

Upon agreement of a successful claim VBH will pay £1000/£1250 to the Claimant as an act of goodwill.

Repair or Replacement Payment

The decision on whether the window or door should be repaired or replaced is solely that of VBH.

The Claimant should contact the original installer (as named on the Q-secure registration form) within 7 days of being given the go ahead to do so by VBH to arrange a repair or replacement. If the original installer cannot be used the Claimant should advise VBH, who will arrange for an approved Q-secure installer to contact the Claimant to arrange for the work to be carried out. If work is ordered or carried out prior to VBH’s inspection the claim will be void. Note that any repair or replacement work must not be carried out until a VBH representative has attended site to ascertain the cause of the failure. If the claim is upheld, VBH will pay up to £1500/£3000 including vat towards the repair or replacement, with any balance of invoice to be settled directly between the Claimant and the installation company.

Insurance Excess Reimbursement 

Upon agreement of a successful claim VBH will reimburse the Claimant for up to £1500/£2000 towards an insurance excess payment (maximum total which can be claimed against a combination of Buildings or Contents insurance). The Claimant must, within 7 days of making an insurance excess payment, provide VBH with a copy of the accepted insurance claim form/s and a receipt from the insurance company for the excess payment.


The Q-secure guarantee is only relevant where access has been gained to a residential property via forced entry through a window or door registered under the guarantee and where all terms have been met.

All windows and doors must be in the fully closed and locked position at the time of attack. If it is ascertained that this was not the case, any claim is void. Windows and doors (including sliding doors) left in the ‘night-vent’ ventilation position, which are not fully deadlocked and locked off with the key, are not classed as being in the secure position. If the key is left in the door it is not classed as being secured, even if the door is locked.

All hardware and furniture products (except ventilators) fitted to the window/door at the time of the break in must be included on the Q-secure schedule of approved products at the time of registration. If it is found that any products have subsequently been replaced (except like for like by the original installer due to wear and tear), removed, added or re-positioned any claim is void. If, during the term of the guarantee, a product fails due to normal wear and tear, the holder of the guarantee should contact the installer and arrange to have a replacement Q-secure approved product fitted. If a hardware item requires replacement due to misuse, abuse or vandalism, the guarantee will be void as unacceptable strain may have been transferred to other components, thus affecting their performance.

If the break in is deemed to have been caused by a failure of another component of the window or door (e.g. glass, screw fixings or frame material etc.) any claim is void.

If the break in is deemed to have been caused by incorrect fitting of the hardware (e.g. incorrect positioning, incorrect fastener type, poor quality fasteners) any claim is void.

The guarantee only becomes active once your installation has been paid for (i.e. you have fully paid up or you have entered into a finance agreement with the installer or their agent). Any outstanding balance outside the agreed payment schedule will render any claim void.

If the damage to the window or door is deemed to have been caused upon exit of the building as opposed to upon gaining access, any claim is void.

If entry is deemed to have been enabled due to the window or door not being fully closed and locked any claim is void.

All moving parts of the window or door must have been properly lubricated at no more than 6 month intervals during the life time of the guarantee according to the Q-secure care instructions supplied by the installer. Copies of the instructions can be obtained by contacting VBH direct. A log of when your maintenance has been carried out should be kept and produced in the event of a claim.

The window or door must have been manufactured correctly and within accepted tolerances.

All hardware must have been fitted correctly and with the correct screw fasteners.

The window/door must have been installed to accepted industry guidelines by a FENSA registered installer or an installer recognised as competent by VBH (Q-secure approved).

The Q-secure guarantee is valid for 10 years from the date of the original installation. It is transferable to a new occupier. Either the existing or new occupier should contact VBH within 1 calendar month of the new occupation with a completed ‘Change of Occupier’ form. Failure to do so will render the guarantee void. Upon receipt of this form VBH will issue a new Q-secure certificate in the new occupier’s name and will send out by post to the original address. The new certificate will be valid for the balance of the original 10 years. In the event of a claim VBH will require proof of the change of ownership prior to commencing any claim settlement process.

The Q-secure guarantee covers windows and doors installed in UK residential properties only.

The Q-secure guarantee covers windows and doors manufactured within the UK only.

All payment figures mentioned are inclusive of VAT

In the event of an attempted break in where access to the property was not gained, no payments will be made.

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