greenteQ Alpha TBT Tilt & Turn Handle

Built to last, these greenteQ handles blend performance with an elegant design.

The Alpha TBT handle from greenteQ is a premium quality product that features the modern appearance of its Alpha stable mates. This means that tilt and turn windows can be suited with casement windows and residential doors on the same installation. Standard 43mm fixing centres make the Alpha TBT handle suitable for all eurogroove fit tilt and turn hardware systems, including the AGB and Roto ranges that are also covered by Q-secure.

  • Part of the greenteQ Suite of style and colour matched window and door furniture
  • Available in eight attractive finishes
  • Locking handle has 4 modes, including Tilt Safe for fall-safety
  • Qualifies for the Q-secure PREMIUM level warranty when used with AGB ArTech or Roto NT security level tilt & turn systems sourced through VBH
  • Also available in a non-locking variant (not covered by Q-secure)
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High Performance greenteQ Hardware

The lockable Alpha TBT handle has four settings:

1 – Unlocked – The handle will permit free movement from closed, through tilt and into the turn position to allow the external face of the window to be safely cleaned from the inside.

2 – Tilt Safe – With the cylinder turned to 90 degrees, the handle permits free movement to the 90 degree tilt position. This allows tilt ventilation, but the window cannot be fully opened, preventing falls. Once the handle is unlocked using the key, the window can be opened to turn mode.

3 – Locked – With the cylinder in the locked 180 degree position, the handle is fully locked, and the window cannot be opened in any position. For security reasons, this is the ideal state for the handle to be left in when a home is empty.

4 – Turn First Locked – By fitting the backplate inverted the handle can be locked in the bottom position as normal. However, the user will not have the option of turning the key to only 90 degrees. It must be turned to the full 180 degrees to allow the handle to operate, making it suitable for fitting to older turn-first windows.

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greenteQ Alpha TBT handles work equally well with AGB or Roto hardware. If you want to offer your customers a comprehensive guarantee that’s written in plain English, find a Q-secure Approved Manufacturer near you here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the window is successfully broken into as a result of the hardware failing, VBH will pay out up to £8000. Q-secure is more than just a window hardware guarantee.

Q-secure will cover a complete window lock if it is geared using Q-secure tested and approved hardware. If the window is successfully broken into as a result of the hardware failing, VBH will pay out up to £8000.

Our Q-secure guarantee covers a wide range of window handles as part of our hardware guarantee. Q-secure is more than just a hardware guarantee.