Quad Guard Door Hinge Security Device

The Quad Guard is an industry leading hinge protector for residential doors.

VBH supply the Quad Guard hinge protector for Q-secure and Document Q compliant residential doors. Quad Guards work in harmony with greenteQ Sigma Hybrid and Yale Patriot Plus hinges, allowing Q-secure PVCu doors to deliver fantastic levels of domestic security. They are fully tested to the PAS24 security standard.

  • PAS 24 2016 certified
  • Compatible with almost every PVCu door on the market
  • Easy to fit – no routing required
  • Q-secure PREMIUM product when all other hardware on a door is PREMIUM level
  • Supplied as standard on Q-secure PVCu doors and can be retro-fitted to upgrade existing doors
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Versatile, High Quality Hardware

Quad Guard is a durable, high tensile steel hinge protector. It improves security performance of PVCu doors by supporting the hinges in the event of an attempted forced entry.

Like greenteQ Hinge Protectors on windows, the 2 halves of a Quad Guard do not come into contact in normal use, so there is no wear and tear. In the event of a jemmy attack on the hinge side of the door, the 2 halves interlock to support the hinge in preventing separation between the sash and frame.

No routing of the profile is required. As well as being fitted as standard to Q-secure doors, Quad Guard can also be retro-fitted to existing doors to improve security.

Quad Guards MUST be fitted at every hinge point on Q-secure doors. 

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You’ve arrived in the Trade area. Did you know that many burglars will attack the hinge side of the door instead of the handle side? Quad Guard protects the hinges so you needn’t worry. Remember to register your Q-secure door within 28 days..

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Quad Guard protects the hinges in the event of a jemmy attack on the hinge side of the door. The 2 parts interlock to provide a solid barrier. Order your doors from a Q-secure Approved Manufacturer to be sure of top quality every time. Find your nearest here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a door is fitted with Q-secure tested and approved hardware, we will cover you. If the door was broken into as a result of the hardware failing, we will pay up to £8000.

Q-secure offer a comprehensive door lock guarantee. If the home is broken into as a result of the lock failing, customers could be entitled to up to £8000. We work with multiple brands to offer one of the most unique, reliable warranties on the market.

You can guarantee the locks on bifold doors through our Q-secure warranty. Q-secure will cover a complete door if it uses Q-secure tested and approved hardware. This enables the user to guarantee their door if a break-in occurs as a result of a failing lock.

Door locks are an integral part of the Q-secure Consumer Hardware guarantee. If the door lock fails on a Q-secure installation you could receive up to £8000 from VBH