Orion Keyed Alike

We are excited to announce that the Orion Keyed Alike is available! The special thing about the key is its ability to be used with multiple doors. Whether it’s the front, rear or inside doors, these keys cut out the need to carry multiple keys. 

The Orion Keyed Alike is now accessible on our flagship greenteQ Orion TS007 3 star cylinder. This means you won’t have to worry about holding multiple keys. By having one key, you can easily access different doors in your house, without the need for multiple keys. There are many benefits to enjoy with the Orion Keyed Alike.  

Incredibly Secure

With the Orion Keyed Alike, you will be able to ensure you don’t have numerous keys that are easy to misplace or lose. By having one key that will work with all the doors in the house, you can lower the chances of having an unaccountable key. 

These keys will work for all kinds of external doors. There won’t be a need to worry about them not working with certain cylinder sizes or finishes. The Orion Keyed Alike has been designed to make life easier for installers and homeowners alike.

What are the benefits of the greenteQ star profile cylinder? 

You will have the benefit of having only one key to worry about. These keys also tie in perfectly with composite, PVCu and aluminium resi-doors and patio doors. The key can be used for all external doors upon installation, no matter the cylinder’s size or finish.

With our Orion Keyed Alike service, the £8000 Q-secure and £2000 proteQ10 guarantees still apply! You can rest assured knowing you won’t lose out on our keys. Here at Q-Secure, we will always put your security first. The only requirement will be for the end-user to register directly with VBH. As an installer, you’ll only be required to fit the keyed alike cylinders. 

This cylinder also qualifies for the Q-secure premium level warranty! You can rest assured that with Q-Secure, you will have a product that keeps your home safe and secure. However, should the cylinder fail at keeping your home secure against a break-in, the warranty can compensate you up to £8,000! 

When you purchase the cylinder, you will receive 5 of our Orion Keyed Alike keys as a standard. Additional keys can only be purchased using a customer’s unique personal password. The password is set up once the cylinder is registered for its performance guarantee. This is to ensure there is an extra layer of security for a homeowner. 

What is the greenteQ Orion TS007 3 star cylinder?

The Orion TS007 3 star cylinder is a premium quality product that is available from Q-Secure. This cylinder has been designed to be protected against bumping, drilling, picking, snap & extract. 

The cylinder is available in bright nickel and brass finishes. It’s able to offer a high level of security as the external side features a breakpoint that hampers attempts to gain entry through snapping and extracting the cylinder. 

Once broken away, an interlocking mechanism steps in to prevent further damage to the cylinder. This is how the security function is achieved. These cylinders will ensure the safety of those inside the building. 

You are able to override the interlock by turning the key through 360°. Should it be a thumb turn cylinder, you can override the interlock by pushing the button on the thumb-turn knob and rotating it.

Q-Secure Guarantee 

When choosing our Orion Keyed Alike, you will be able to apply to our superb Q-secure guarantee. This guarantee means homeowners will be covered in the unfortunate event of a break-in. At Q-Secure, we hold all our products in the highest regard, but should homeowners experience any issues, our friendly team will be on hand to offer their help. 

The guarantee covers the Orion Keyed Alike product and our greenteQ door and window furniture suite range. Should a homeowner experience a break-in due to our product having a hardware failure, they could be entitled to £8000 compensation.  

At Q-Secure we manufacture our products to be easy to install. The products can be adapted to suit a number of properties. When you purchase our hardware, you can be assured that you’ll have a product that will last you years. Our hardware is tried and tested to ensure they are up to standard. 

Orion Keyed Alike Prices

With Orion Keyed Alike, you’ll never need to carry multiple keys! Get in touch with our friendly team today using our online contact form.

Alternatively, to speak to an expert directly, give us a call on 01634 263 300. We’re always happy to be on hand to answer any of your queries.

You can explore our huge selection of door and window hardware online. We will have everything you might need to enhance the look and feel of your next project! View our range of greenteQ suite furniture online today. 

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