uPVC Window Handles

We offer a wide selection of window handle types for all kinds of uPVC windows, including the outward opening, and tilt and turn styles that are covered by the Q-secure guarantee. Other window styles include Invisifold Slide & Fold windows, fully reversible top hung windows and pivot windows.

Most of our handles are from our own greenteQ range. These suite with greenteQ residential and patio door furniture in terms of style and colour, enabling installers to seamlessly tie a whole house installation together. We also supply handles from our partner, Yale.

All of our handles offer unrivalled performance, with ease of operation and enhanced security. Each uPVC window handle is designed to stand the test of time.

greenteQ and Yale window handles come with our multi-brand security guarantee, Q-secure. This is one of the most comprehensive hardware guarantees on the market today. It could entitle you to up to £8000 if your home were to be broken into due to the failure of our approved hardware.

All our uPVC window handles qualify for the top level PREMIUM Q-secure guarantee.

Here is an overview of our window handles

We offer 3 distinct styles from our own greenteQ range. All are designed to look fantastic, feel extremely comfortable in use, and to be hard wearing.

We also supply handles from Yale. This is a great quality brand, and gives Q-secure Manufacturers a choice. We don’t like to tie people down!

We offer the greenteQ Alpha and Monkey Tail, and Yale’s Virage handle for outward opening windows. When it comes to tilt and turn windows, we have the Alpha TBT handle.

Alpha TBT handle suppliers

Alpha uPVC Outward Opening Window Handle

The Alpha outward opening handle is our most popular, with thousands being fitted to windows up and down the country every week.

It is a contemporary design, ideally suited to high performance windows, and is available in inline (straight) and offset (handed) versions.

At the last count Alpha was available in 9 attractive colours of the greenteQ Suite.

Monkey Tail uPVC Outward Opening Handle

The greenteQ Monkey Tail window handle offers a traditional appearance to any property. It is particularly well suited to heritage flush windows. The handles are key lockable with a working cylinder for increased security.

The ‘Lift and Turn’ operation prevents the droop associated with some fasteners of this style when in the opened position. Monkey Tail and its associated casement stay are available in textured Antique Black powder coating for a classic and sophisticated finish. Who needs any other colour on a period window?

Alpha TBT Tilt and Turn Window Handles

This handle style combines exceptional performance along with a modern design. The Alpha TBT is perfect for all PVCu tilt and turn windows, including those geared with Q-secure AGB or Roto hardware. This popular handle is available in eight stunning finishes.

Yale Virage uPVC Window Handles

This premium quality window handle offers a contemporary design and exceptional functionality. The Yale Virage handles are available in inline and offset versions. They are finished in a choice of five colours.

The key locking facility comes with a push-to-open functionality.

The Q-secure Security Guarantee

The window handles above are approved for use on Q-secure windows. As well as our own greenteQ products, we also work with AGB, Roto, Maco and Securistyle. greenteQ.

The Q-secure guarantee will pay out up to £8000 (Q-secure PREMIUM) if a break in is achieved due to a failure of our approved hardware.

Q-secure is a MULTI-BRAND guarantee, where we offer our warranty across a variety of different brands. This is what makes us unique here at VBH, where we don’t tie manufacturers down to a single hardware manufacturer. This allows them to make a better finished product and ensures that everything on the window is guaranteed. No nasty surprises in store!

Our multi-brand Q-secure guarantee is an exceptional assurance to keep homeowners protected. We have the utmost confidence in our products, which is why we can offer this unrivalled warranty. All our hardware is exhaustively tested to reach or exceed the high standards of BSI.

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