New Product From greenteQ!

We are proud to introduce a new product as part of the greenteQ range, our Tilt/ Slide patio door handle sets. Allowing for smooth operation, these innovative handles are already proving to be a popular option. Simple in design yet powerful on performance, they will provide market-leading levels of security for any property. They can be fitted on both sides of the door frame.

Our new Tilt/ Slide patio door handles will make operating any heavy door easier. We guarantee they will be a hit amongst your customers due to their sleek and efficient design. Available in standard and slim options, there will be something to suit every property type. Making the most of your next project is easy with our state of the art hardware options that are made to last.

Complete with a 5-year performance guarantee, the greenteQ Tilt/ Slide patio door handles are resistant against the harshest weather conditions to ensure they never tarnish over time. Continuing to look great for decades, they are simple to fit, giving your customer complete peace of mind when it comes to the security of their home. Give our team a ring on 01634 263 300 to find out more.

Standard And Slim

Available in both standard and slim fits, the Tilt/ Slide patio door handle will complement any space. Made using premium grade components, our market-leading handles sets come in a variety of design options to enhance the look and feel of any space. Providing maximum levels of security, our greenteQ handles make the perfect addition to any home. Choose them for your next project.

The Tilt/ Slide patio door handle sets we provide come in 5 attractive finishes, depending on the taste of your customer. Finished to the highest standard, the coatings we use will never begin to weather in extreme temperatures. Come rain or shine, our quality handles will look as good as new even years after they have been fitted. Our products are extremely versatile in design.


Manufactured in aluminium, our Tilt/ Slide patio door handles are lightweight and durable. Made using quality components and materials, they will provide superior strength. Unable to be manipulated or tampered with, our modern handle sets are available in different variations. The finishes available include white, brown, F1 silver anodised, F4 bronze anodised and F9 silver anodised.

To make any door as user friendly as possible, our handles can be fitted to both sides of the frame for maximum levels of performance. Complete with a lock, such as the Orion TS007 3, our handles are incredibly secure. Deter unwanted intruders from any property with our ultra-modern products that are continually tested to ensure the best results every time.


The great thing about our Tilt/ Slide patio door handle sets is how versatile they are. Suitable for both Tilt/ Slide doors and Tilt & Turn balcony style doors, they are perfect for a variety of uses. If external access is required, they are simple to operate, making the lives of your customers easier. With an impressive 5-year performance guarantee, we promise to deliver excellence.

With many benefits, our handle sets are guaranteed to impress your customers. They can be installed on doors with a sash thickness of 63-93mm; we also accommodate bi-colour doors. Modern in style, they are finished to the highest standards for superior results every time. Enhance your next project with our Tilt/ Slide patio door handle sets that result in no waste.

Q-secure Guarantee

Your customers can benefit from our impressive Q-secure guarantee when you choose our Tilt/ Slide patio door handle sets. Homeowners can have complete peace of mind with our excellent guarantee scheme, that means you are covered in every eventuality. We have complete confidence in the security our products provide; that’s why we are proud to offer such a great guarantee.

Should there be a fault in our hardware, and a break-in happens as a result, the homeowner could be entitled to an incredible £8000 in compensation. We take any potential break-ins seriously, and we are constantly assessing our products to ensure they perform to the highest standards. The Tilt/ Slide patio door handle sets we supply all come with a 5-year performance guarantee.

Tilt/ Slide Patio Door Handle Set Prices

Choose our Tilt/ Slide patio door handles sets today, and your customers will be able to benefit from our impressive Q-secure guarantee!

Have a question for a member of our team? Get in touch today using our online contact form. Alternatively, give us a call on 01634 263 300.

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