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greenteQ Securitas Security Window Espagnolette

We supply a comprehensive greenteQ Securitas Security Window Espagnolette.

Our greenteQ Securitas Security Window Espagnolette is an outward opening window espagnolette from our high-quality hardware range. It fits in with our entry-level greenteQ Window Espagnolette and the Invicta Window Shootbolt to offer three window lock options for fabricators of Eurogroove outward opening window styles. Fitted within our Securitas espagnolettes are mushroom headed cams that lock into both sides of the night vent striker plate. This robust locking system spreads the load across the window, providing a continuous protective barrier. Each of our Securitas espagnolettes has a minimum of 2 pairs of mushroom cams, with the larger sizes boasting four pairs of cams. Securitas has industry standard 20 and 22mm backsets, which are interchangeable with greenteQ and other locks.

  • Approved Q-secure PREMIUM product
  • Tested to PAS24:2016
  • Robust fit with smooth operation
  • Easy to install
  • 10-Year greenteQ performance guarantee
  • The surface finish meets EN1670 Grade 4
  • Uses standard greenteQ night vent striker plates
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Our Securitas espagnolettes are available in 8 lengths, from 300mm going up to 1200mm. This locking system also has a choice of 7.7 or 9mm high mushroom cams. Each of our hardware is easy to fit, providing you with easy fabrication.

Securitas has been tested against the latest industry standards, including PAS24:2016. These tests allow us to check that the Espagnolette will work against door hardware attack tests. By meeting the standards, allows us to rate Securitas as a PREMIUM product in the Q-secure Approved Products List.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the window is successfully broken into as a result of the hardware failing, VBH will pay out up to £8000. Q-secure is more than just a window hardware guarantee.

Q-secure will cover a complete window lock if it is geared using Q-secure tested and approved hardware. If the window is successfully broken into as a result of the hardware failing, VBH will pay out up to £8000.

Our Q-secure guarantee covers a wide range of window handles as part of our hardware guarantee. Q-secure is more than just a hardware guarantee.