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Monkey Tail

greenteQ Monkey Tail is a premium quality lockable handles for PVCu, timber or aluminium outward opening windows.

As part of our greenteQ window furniture range, VBH manufactures a superior greenteQ window handle style. The Monkey Tail is popular on more traditional style windows, including heritage flush sash windows that are becoming much more popular. This window handle works perfectly with the various locking systems that are also covered by Q-secure.

Colour Options
satin black colour swatch
Antique Black
  • greenteQ brand ensures premium quality
  • Available in antique black
  • Qualify for the Q-secure PREMIUM level warranty when all other components on the window are also rated PREMIUM
  • Designed from scratch as an espagnolette handle
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Quality greenteQ Handle

7mm square spindles make Monkey Tail compatible with all Q-secure approved spindle drive shootbolts and security espagnolettes. The greenteQ Monkey Tail has been designed specifically as an espagnolette handle, rather than modified from an existing casement fastener.

Manufacturers and end-users will see a number of benefits as a result. The backplate has been cast to the correct width to allow it to clear the frame rebate on modern outward opening windows rather than being machined then coated. This eliminates any unsightly machining marks and provides the consistency of product necessary for modern window production lines.

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You’ve arrived in the Trade area. If you’ve had heritage style windows fitted on your Q-secure installation, there’s a good chance you have our Monkey Tail handles. Lovely aren’t they? Register with VBH within 28 days to validate the guarantee.

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Q-secure Manufacturers fit greenteQ Monkey Tail handles on heritage and flush window installations to give that authentic rustic look. Your customers will love this. Find Approved Manufacturers near you here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the window is successfully broken into as a result of the hardware failing, VBH will pay out up to £8000. Q-secure is more than just a window hardware guarantee.

Q-secure will cover a complete window lock if it is geared using Q-secure tested and approved hardware. If the window is successfully broken into as a result of the hardware failing, VBH will pay out up to £8000.

Our Q-secure guarantee covers a wide range of window handles as part of our hardware guarantee. Q-secure is more than just a hardware guarantee.