greenteQ Invicta Shootbolt

Invicta is the first PAS24 security locking system from greenteQ

The greenteQ Invicta shootbolt is a premium quality locking system for outward opening windows. Invicta has been successfully tested to PAS24 on a number of profiles and is suitable for windows where a high security locking system is required. The system consists of a gearbox, in a choice of industry standard 20 or 22mm backsets, and a series of croppable extensions to give a sash rebate size range of 320 - 1500mm. Once cropped to the correct size, the extensions are connected to the gearbox and secured in place by an attractive central cover plate, which clearly announces the shootbolt as a greenteQ product. A comprehensive range of night vent mushroom strikers and shootbolt strikers are available with the Invicta shootbolt.

  • Tested to PAS24 on a number of profile systems
  • Surface finish meets EN1670 Grade 4
  • Covers sash rebate sizes from 320 - 1500mm
  • Clearly branded as a quality greenteQ product
  • 10 year performance guarantee
  • Approved Q-secure PREMIUM product
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Q-secure Guaranteed

The greenteQ Invicta shootbolt is covered by the market leading Q-secure homeowner security guarantee scheme. As a Q-secure PREMIUM product, if a break-in is successfully achieved due to a failure of Invicta or another hardware component on a Q-secure window, VBH would pay the homeowner up to £8000 in compensation.

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greenteQ Invicta Shootbolts work equally well with AGB or Roto hardware. If you want to offer your customers a comprehensive guarantee that’s written in plain English, find a Q-secure Approved Manufacturer near you here.

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