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Everyone appreciates the comfort and performance of PVCu and high performance timber windows with their thermal efficiency and security benefits. However, many end users desire a traditional appearance to windows that current contemporary handles cannot provide. The answer to this problem is the greenteQ Monkey Tail espagnolette handle, which works with standard and security espagnolettes, and shootbolts. greenteQ Monkey Tail has been designed specifically as an espagnolette handle, rather than modified from an existing casement fastener. Manufacturers and end-users will see a number of benefits as a result.

  • Gives modern windows a more traditional look
  • Key lockable with working cylinder
  • Slim cast backplate for frame clearance and improved appearance
  • ‘Lift to Turn’ operation prevents droop
  • 60mm spindle with easy-cut notches (screws also notched)
  • Designed as an espagnolette handle. Backplate is cast to correct slim width so there are no unsightly machining marks
  • Stay is unhanded – reduced stock-holding
  • Black fixings included with handle and stay
  • 10 year greenteQ performance guarantee
  • Approved for use on Q-secure installations
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‘Lift to Turn’

The backplate has been cast to the correct width to allow it to clear the frame rebate on modern outward opening windows rather than being machined then coated. This eliminates any unsightly machining marks and provides the consistency of product necessary for modern window production lines. The handle’s ‘Lift to Turn’ function prevents handle droop on top hung sashes and guards against external manipulation. Full key locking is provided by the working cylinder. The 60mm spindle has easy-cut notches to enable it to be cut to fit any profile. The black fixing screws provided are also notched.

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You’ve arrived in the Trade area. You probably don’t even notice the hinges on your windows as they’re concealed. But look closely and you’ll see the Yale, Securistyle or greenteQ stamps of quality. Don’t forget to register your installation with VBH within 28 days to validate the guarantee.

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Many Q-secure Manufacturers choose to fit Yale friction stays to their windows. They have the quality you’d expect from a brand that’s been around for over 150 years! Find your closest Q-secure Approved Manufacturers here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to replace handles on windows. However, if the window is covered by the Q-secure guarantee, you must have this done by the original installer to ensure that the guarantee is not invalidated. Handles play a vital part in the security of a window.

Always employ a professional. You can find Q-secure Approved window installers on the website.If your window is covered by Q-secure you must go back to the original installer for any remedial work, or your guarantee will become invalid.

They can be. Depending on the design of the window system the handles can either be universal (Inline) or handed (offset)

Monkey tail is a traditional style handle, popular with casement and flush sash windows. This consists of a curled end, and usually comes in antique black.

Tilt and Turn handles are used to operate European style tilt and turn windows. They are more robust than standard handles as the forces put through them are greater. As the name suggests, Tilt and Turn windows can either be tilted inwards from the top to provide everyday ventilation, or turned fully into the room to allow the external glass to be cleaned from inside the house.