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greenteQ iQ Security Espagnolette Window Lock

Top quality security window espagnolette for outward opening rebated and flush windows

The lock features combination locking points that pair adjustable and floating mushroom headed cams to provide smooth operation and high levels of security. The adjustable cam has +/-0.75mm compression adjustment, while the fixed cam provides additional anti-separation strength, spreading the load across the striker plate. The lock is available in industry standard 20 and 22mm backsets, and with a choice of 7.7 and 9mm mushroom cams. 11 sizes, from 200mm to 1350mm, ensure that locking points are always close to the corners of the window, ensuring optimum security. As all the fixings are applied from one direction, and it is a single piece item, iQ is quick to fit and can help reduce factory production times when compared with other types of locking mechanisms.

  • Kubu® enabled Standard and Easy Access variants
  • Version for Flush windows also available
  • The Kubu® enabled versions bring a host of benefits centred around enabling the user to monitor the locked status of their windows
  • Easy Access version has a set handle height of 195mm
  • Tested to PAS24:2016
  • Q-secure PREMIUM product
  • Industry standard 20 and 22mm backsets with 7.7 and 9mm mushroom cams
  • 240 hours salt spray test results
  • Quick to fit
  • 10 year greenteQ performance guarantee
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iQ works with Kubu to link windows to smart home networks

Windows and doors fitted with iQ locks can be linked to a Kubu® Home Hub, but they do not have to be. It is entirely the choice of the homeowner. They can decide at any time to link, and setting up Kubu® monitoring is easy. All they need to do is buy a Kubu® hub and sensors from, download the app, and then connect.

When the lock is linked to the hub, the user can quickly check on the locked status of their windows via an easy to use app. The app will tell the user at a glance if the cams are in the Secure, Partially Secure, Night Vent, or Open position. The user can set reminders to open or close windows and get alerts whenever a window is operated. They can also check on the open/close history of a window. Kubu® also works with products such as Amazon Alexa or Google Nest to link to other items in a home network, such as lighting or cameras.

iQ window locks are fitted with a magnet in the gearbox. When linked to Kubu®, this works with a sensor on the outer frame that monitors the position of the locking points within the striker plate. A fixed guide pin next to the gearbox ensures that the lock and striker plate are perfectly aligned to ensure accurate readings.

As well as Kubu® enabled security window espagnolettes, the greenteQ iQ range also includes multipoint door locks. The Kubu® Hub will allow the user to connect up to 20 casement sashes and 10 doors, offering peace of mind across the home.

The Hub’s range is around 25m, so it should be more than adequate for most homes. If necessary, a second Hub could be purchased.

All Kubu® sensors are powered by standard cell batteries which will typically give a life of around 18 months. They will alert via the app when they need to be replaced.

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