Yale Postmaster Professional TS008 Letterbox Set

High quality, TS008 compliant letterbox for Q-secure residential doors.

VBH supply Yale’s Postmaster Professional TS008 to manufacturers of Q-secure doors and other doors where compliance to Document Q is required. Professional packs a multitude of security features into its 96mm frame. It is fully tested to TS008:2015 to combat fishing. A telescopic sleeve means that it is suitable for all doors/panels from 40mm – 75mm thick, and its all-metal construction and twin colour options mean that it suits composite doors, which often have a white inner and coloured outer, particularly well. A grade 304 stainless steel outer combats corrosion and enables Yale to offer a 25 year surface guarantee. This is alongside a 10 year mechanical guarantee and in addition to the 10 year Q-secure security guarantee offered by VBH on the Postmaster Professional TS008.

Colour Options
satin black colour swatch
White hardware
gold chrome hardware
Gold / White
Graphite Hardware Supply
Brushed Steel / White
satin chrome hardware
Satin Silver / White
Polished Chrome Hardware
Chrome / White
  • Security tested to PAS24 and TS008
  • Prevents fishing
  • Complies with the requirements of Document Q
  • Twin colours for composite doors
  • Approved for use on Q-secure PREMIUM residential doors where ALL other hardware is rated PREMIUM
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Certified Letterbox Technology

The Postmaster Professional TS008 from Yale tackles the problem of fishing. Tested to PAS24:2016, it fully deserves its position as a Q-secure PREMIUM product and proudly wears its Yale logo as a sign of quality.

Not only is it secure, Professional is also very weather tight thanks to its complete gasket and it is corrosion resistant, conforming to BS EN 1670 Grade 5 (tested in excess of 1000 hours Neutral Salt Spray Test). Smooth radiused edges add to the letterbox’s good looks.

There is also a fire rated version available to special order. When tested as part of a doorset to FD60, Postmaster Professional TS008 exceeded the FD60 time test by an additional 25% and passed the smoke leakage test. 

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You’ve arrived in the Trade area. The Yale Postmaster Professional TS008 letterbox provides protection against key fishing. If you’ve ordered a Q-secure installation be sure to register it within 28 days of it being fitted..

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As its name suggests, Postmaster Professional TS008 has been tested to Kitemark TS008 and provides effective protection against fishing. It’s suitable for doors from 40 – 75mm thick. Contact one of our Q-secure Approved door manufacturers for a quote of a Q-secure door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a door is fitted with Q-secure tested and approved hardware, we will cover you. If the door was broken into as a result of the hardware failing, we will pay up to £8000.

Q-secure offer a comprehensive door lock guarantee. If the home is broken into as a result of the lock failing, customers could be entitled to up to £8000. We work with multiple brands to offer one of the most unique, reliable warranties on the market.

You can guarantee the locks on bifold doors through our Q-secure warranty. Q-secure will cover a complete door if it uses Q-secure tested and approved hardware. This enables the user to guarantee their door if a break-in occurs as a result of a failing lock.

Door locks are an integral part of the Q-secure Consumer Hardware guarantee. If the door lock fails on a Q-secure installation you could receive up to £8000 from VBH