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greenteQ Sigma Face-Fix Composite Door Hinge

The greenteQ Sigma Face-Fix Door Hinge is highly adjustable and customisable

The greenteQ Sigma Face-Fix Composite Door Hinge has an attractive slim appearance that will suit most flush doors, however please remember it is not approved for use on Q-secure installations. It is a highly versatile product that features a 5-knuckle design and is available in standard and 1D-adjustable versions. As an installer, the 1D-adjustable version provides you with +/- 2mm lateral adjustment on site. The hinge is available in six highly attractive colours that will match seamlessly with any door. The ideal composite door hinge, greenteQ Sigma features a number of intricate details to enhance the performance of the door. The hinge features a steel frame plate with 5 countersunk fixing points that provide a strong connection to the outer frame.

Colour Options
White hardware
gold chrome hardware
PVD Gold
Polished Chrome Hardware
Polished Chrome
Polished Steel Hardware
Satin Chrome
Black Hardware Prices
  • Attractive slim appearance
  • Choice of +/- 2mm 1D-adjustable or standard versions
  • 6 attractive finishes to match with greenteQ suited colours
  • Strong fixing points and 5 knuckle construction prevent hinge drop
  • Hinge point is pre-lubricated for exceptionally smooth action
  • Frame plate fits the standard Solidor door prep
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Intricate Design & Quality Finish

The greenteQ Sigma hinge includes discreet location tabs in the plate that will ensure the fit is perfectly correct. In the standard versions, the 4 screw fixings feature elongated holes that give flexibility for fabricator and installer on-site. The composite door hinge sash component also features a 16mm metal curved cover that provides the door with an attractive finish.

The greenteQ Sigma hinge’s hinge pin and sash cover fixing screw are all concealed behind cover caps. These cover caps create a stylish, discreet aesthetic that has the practical use of protecting the hinges from dirt and the typical British weather. The greenteQ Sigma Face-Fix Composite Door Hinge makes an excellent addition to the Q-secure range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a door is fitted with Q-secure tested and approved hardware, we will cover you. If the door was broken into as a result of the hardware failing, we will pay up to £8000.

Q-secure offer a comprehensive door lock guarantee. If the home is broken into as a result of the lock failing, customers could be entitled to up to £8000. We work with multiple brands to offer one of the most unique, reliable warranties on the market.

You can guarantee the locks on bifold doors through our Q-secure warranty. Q-secure will cover a complete door if it uses Q-secure tested and approved hardware. This enables the user to guarantee their door if a break-in occurs as a result of a failing lock.

Door locks are an integral part of the Q-secure Consumer Hardware guarantee. If the door lock fails on a Q-secure installation you could receive up to £8000 from VBH