greenteQ Q-Smart Handle

A new way to secure a door and access the home

Q-Smart is the electronic smart handle set from greenteQ. This is not yet approved for use on Q-secure installations. It’s the clever way to access and protect the home. It’s a keyless product so say goodbye to compromising home security by leaving a key with a neighbour or ‘under the mat’, and forget all about the hassle of replacing lost keys. Q-Smart incorporates Blusafe technology that offers 3 simple ways to operate the unit; fingerprint recognition, phone app and proximity reader (IC card). Because there is no key pad, Q-Smart is around the size of a standard handle set.

  • Keyless living
  • Certified to ETSI TS103 645 (CYBER; Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things)
  • Full access through smartphone, proximity fob or fingerprint
  • Send mobile keys to family and friends via the Blusafe app
  • Know who comes and goes (and when)
  • Battery operated - no mains connection required
  • Power bank back up - just in case
  • Unlocked status reminder
  • Push & Turn thumb turn for convenience and safety
  • Suits standard door thicknesses (minimum 44mm)
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Multiple Activation Methods

Available in attractive black or polished chrome, each unit is supplied with a key ring proximity fob which can be used to activate the unit. Alternatively, the user can download the secure Blusafe app to their smartphone to use the phone as a ‘mobile key’. The app has the added benefit of keeping a log of operations, thus providing visitor management records. The app can also send a mobile key to family and friends’ smartphones so they can access the building wherever the main user is. No more children waiting in the rain when they’ve mislaid their key.

The third activation method is fingerprint recognition. A large fingerprint reading panel is concealed under a hinged cover on the external backplate. If you forget to lock the door, a 3 beep alert will remind you to do so. Q-Smart does not need to be connected to the mains electricity supply. Power is provided by 4 good quality AA alkaline batteries which, under normal circumstances, will last for 6-8 months depending on usage and environment. The handle will give plenty of warning when they start to run low. Q-Smart is not included in the Q-secure approved hardware list.

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Many Q-secure Manufacturers choose to fit Yale friction stays to their windows. They have the quality you’d expect from a brand that’s been around for over 150 years! Find your closest Q-secure Approved Manufacturers here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Handle sets on modern uPVC or composite doors can have a lever handle on both sides, known as lever/lever, or a lever handle inside and a pad on the outside. This is known as a lever/pad handle set. Some doors that have a slam shut function are operated by the profile cylinder only and can be fitted with attractive pull handles or fixed knobs. These are usually made from brushed stainless steel.

Satin-chrome is one of the most popular choices of hardware finishes, suited to most door styles. This is just one of 9 colours that you can choose from in the greenteQ Alpha range. The Coastline range is also available in brushed stainless steel, which is a popular contemporary finish.

Doors that have a slam shut function are operated by the profile cylinder only and can be fitted with attractive pull handles or fixed knobs. These are usually made from brushed stainless steel.

Doors can now be operated without traditional keys if desired. The greenteQ Q-Smart is an example of the new breed of ‘smart handles’ that can be used in conjunction with most standard multi-point locks. Rather than insert a key into a profile cylinder to operate the lock, the user can use their finger print, phone app or just a key tag to unlock the door. They can also send electronic keys to friends and family via the app from anywhere in the world.